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I believe Missouri can be a place of strong, safe communities where our kids can be happy growing up, and can build a life here when they are grown. 

I have the right education, skills, and shared lived experience with working and middle class Americans to fight for these goals which will improve the quality and standard of living for all who you care about, and for all Americans, because it is the moral thing to do and we can afford it if we stop socializing the looting of our nation by the already extremely wealthy and wall street.

My campaign will put people first, not corporations. I will pitch out corruption and pitch out old style politics to curb the efforts of the elite to control our political system and limit our lives and our health.

My standard, my flag, is the pitchfork. We the people deserve to have our needs met. Those elected officials who won't meet these needs must go. With your help, I will champion you and we will throw them out from office. Don't believe that safe candidates are your best hope. They are a guarantee of more of the same.

Be bold, be courageous, be Americans, and choose a new vision that I am offering : one that serves you.


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Humble BeginNings

Raised in Hartville and Mansfield, Missouri—where the Little House on the Prairie books were written by Laura Ingalls Wilder,  John's childhood was modestly lived in a mobile home and in the country. Life off of Highway 60, instilled in John the values of hard work (milking cows on a nearby farm and bucking bales of hay), courage (standing up to high school bullies), and curiosity (in his relentless pursuit of ideas). These are tools he uses still and which he puts toward lifelong service to his community and our world. 



John set out for New England on a scholarship to Boston University. His dream of attending Harvard was never realized--that seemed too far a stretch at the time for the first college graduate in the family, so he spent countless hours there studying philosophy, history, literature, and sociology. 

He eventually transferred to Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Washington in D.C., where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Foreign Service, with a major in International Politics. The program is ranked by Foreign Policy magazine as fourth in the world. 

After graduating from Georgetown, John spent a few years trying to ascend the corporate ladders on Wall Street and studios in Hollywood. Disillusioned by corporate America but wanting professional independence to criticize it,  John returned to Missouri during the height to Occupy Movement. Struck by the inequality and injustice around him, John began a Master's Degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri School of Journalism. He chose to delay completion of his master's degree to focus on documentary work about poverty and this campaign to serve Missourians.