The People's Candidate for Missouri's 7th Congressional District

vote for your interests

not for names,

not for rhetoric,

not for symbols,

not for money,

not for comfort,

and for goodness sake -

 not for more of the same.


I'm john farmer de la torre&

I'm running for us congress

because too many of us have been denied

economic security and equal opportunity.


A Progressive Platform for the People

I aim to pitch out corruption and old style politics that serve corporate interests alone. I stand against the elite who own our political system and limit our lives and our health. My campaign and my tenure in office would serve Democrats, Republicans and all Americans. I put country before party always.


Medicare for All - Healthy People Make a Healthy Nation.


Service for All - Meeting the Needs of Families, Rural Areas, and the Working and Middle Class.


Economic Security for All - Better Living Through Better Jobs and a Strong Economy.


Affordable Education for All - Training for New Careers in the New Economy.




I'm running for Congress because I believe that Southwest Missouri can be a place of strong, safe communities where seniors enjoy economic security and dignity; where families and children are supported and protected from government overreach, and we tend to our neglected rural areas so our children there can grow old at home. We need diplomatic and honest leadership that is committed to serving and fighting for the New American Dream and the people of the Seventh Congressional District of Missouri.

I would be honored to be that voice.

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As a documentary journalist and candidate, I am going to give a voice to the voiceless who have been ignored by Billy Long and his party. These are the good people of Missouri and these are the people who you do not hear from in the news.